Enrolment and Forms

To enrol, please email Danielle for bank transfer details and complete the Enrolment and Indemnity waiver forms below.  

Cost for School Term 3, 2020- Mondays and Thursdays (Turner Primary) and Wednesdays (Aranda Primary)- $290 per child, per term.

Full payment required by Monday, week 1 of term.  

Please, complete, sign and return the enrolment form to secure your place.  The completed form can be sent via email to daniellekcook@live.com.au or contact Danielle for postal address.

Free Rangers Enrolment Form

An indemnity waiver form is also required to be signed and sent with your enrolment form.

Indemnity waiver form

Indemnity form – Some of our activities carry potential risks. Parents will be asked to sign an indemnity waiver to indicate that they are happy for their child to participate in activities. This is a requirement of our public liability insurance. All possible care will be taken to ensure your children are safe. At Free Rangers we believe that for children to grow up into capable adaptable adults it is important for them to be able to take some risks. Our job is to manage those risks for children so they can benefit from new experiences and learn to manage the adult world without fear or anxiety.

Horse Riding Waiver Form

Occasionally, we have a horse-riding instructor bring in several ponies for children to be led on. If you would like your child to be able to participate in this activity, please complete this horse-riding waiver form and forward to daniellekcook@live.com.au.

Photo Permission Form