Is Free Rangers appropriate for my child?  Any child from kindergarten to year 6 who can clearly follow instructions and is able to walk for 45 minutes (slowly with stops) will be able to participate.  As we will be crossing roads and moving through the bush as a supervised group, parents need to be confident that their children can be trusted to follow verbal instructions.

What about Safety? Your child will be supervised at all times by a responsible adult with a current ‘Working with Vulnerable People’ card. A trained first aid officer will be present at all times and will carry a basic first aid kit.

How large will the group be? Child to adult ratios will be no more than 12 primary school aged children to 1 adult.

Why do we need to sign an Indemnity Form? Some of our activities carry potential risks.  Parents will be asked to sign an indemnity waiver to indicate that they are happy for their child to participate in these activities. This is a requirement of our public liability insurance.  All possible care will be taken to ensure your children are safe. At Free Rangers we believe that for children to grow up into capable adaptable adults it is important for them to be able to take some risks. Our job is to manage those risks for children so they can get benefit from new experiences and learn to manage the adult world without fear.

What if my child feels too old or young for the group?  At Free Rangers the older children will be given a leadership role and take on the more challenging aspects of animal care, cooking, gardening and fire-lighting.  Younger children usually love the attention of older children and will be encouraged to challenge themselves by learning new skills and being responsible for the welfare of animals.

What if my child has allergies or intolerances?  We will make sure that alternative food is made available for children with allergies and intolerances

Questions about our bush reserve outings:

Heavy School bag? We will carry a cart for heavy school bags.

What happens if I need to pick my child up suddenly and you are out and about? Parents will be told where we will be and have a map of our route.  Once in the bush we will never be more than 10 minutes from the road and Danielle will carry her phone at all times

Toilets? At school, at the Scout Meeting Hall and at the ‘ Friends meeting house’ we have access to toilets.  Before we go exploring we will use the toilets and fill up our water bottles. In an emergency situation we will carry equipment and hygiene products to make a bush toilet possible!