Our Philosophy


Slow down.

Take time to see, hear, feel, smell and taste.

Relax under a tree.

Learn what it takes to grow food, care for animals and cook.

Having a go builds adaptability.

Everyone is very busy today, even our children. Technology brings us many wonderful advantages and easy conveniences. We run faster, jump higher and do more than ever before. The problem is that we can be left feeling exhausted and anxious by the rush. At Free Rangers: Kids Who Can we want to take the time to relax under a tree or to watch the clouds change. Walking after school, instead of being driven, gives us time to hear the birds and see the changing seasons.

Growing a tomato from seed and tasting how good it can be brings back the simple pleasure of real food. Understanding how much it takes to produce food gives children a real appreciation of its value and of the role our planet plays in providing for us. For kids, food always tastes better if they cook it themselves and growing food encourages them to explore new tastes.

It is healthy to dig! Learning to cook, garden and look after animals gives kids an enormous amount of satisfaction. These real-life skills bring a sense of achievement and confidence.

Having a go, rolling up your selves and getting messy is sometimes daunting at first, but it leaves kids feeling like they can tackle anything that comes their way.  Being adaptable and finding your own solutions creates resilience.  At Free Rangers: Kids Who Can children of various ages will work together, developing strategies for everything from protecting our vegies from pests to fairly sharing the pizza ingredients.  All children will develop leadership and teamwork skills.