What we do

Care hours contact: Danielle Cook on 040546717

Time 3pm to 6pm

Days   Mondays and Tursdays (during term time)


We have four possible locations. Parents will be informed of our pick up point each day.

  • Between 3pm and 5pm: Turner school Art room, Canteen or gardens.
  • Between 5pm and 6pm ‘The Friends Meeting House’, Corner of Condamine and Bent Streets Turner, opposite the Turner School oval.
  • When the weather is good we may walk to the nature reserves either at O’Connor Ridge on Dryandra St O’Connor or Mount Ainslie reserve corner of Duffy and Foveaux Streets, Ainslie. Both of these bush reserves are about 30 minutes walk from Turner school.

Parents will be provided with a map at enrolment.

What we do

At Free Rangers, kids can have unstructured (safe) play in the bush on the local nature reserves. When the weather is good (not too hot, windy, wet or cold) we will walk slowly through our urban green spaces (Haig park, Corroboree park and the O’Connor Wetlands), taking time to enjoy the environment and stopping for an afternoon picnic. Bailyn the dog will join us for our walks. Once in the bush, either at the bottom of Mt Ainslie or on the O’Connor Ridge, we will play, collect kindling or build cubbies. We can learn about our native plants and animals as we go. Both areas of bush are about 30 min walk from Turner school, so we are guaranteed to get some exercise but we can walk at a leisurely pace so no one is overly stretched. If we are going to the bush I will ask parents to pick up their children at a designated street address in the area we are playing, a map will be provided.

In bad weather, or as our gardening, cooking and animal projects require, we will stay at school where we have use of the art room and school canteen. If we are venturing out we will all use the toilets and fill our water bottles before we go. At school we will plant seeds and watch them grow, harvest and learn to cook in the canteen kitchen. We will learn what good soil looks like and how to compost effectively. Care for chickens, playing with our family dog, a worm farm and visits from larger animals are planned.

After 5pm when the school needs to lock up we have space booked at ‘The Friends Meeting House’ across the road from Turner School where we can learn how to carefully build a fire in an enclosed fire pit and cook damper and bake potatoes.

We can be inside as needed but my hope is that the children will rug up and we will brave the weather where practical, as is done in Scandinavian forest schools. If you are busy and keep moving the cold can be invigorating. It will sometimes be necessary to be indoors and then we can make bush craft or learn about our environment through theory and stories. As our pick up point will be variable I will be in regular contact with parents about our intended locations.

In terms of afternoon tea, children will need to pack some to bring with them. We will be having additional food when we cook and I can let everyone know when this is planned. In case of fussy eaters it is a good idea to have something packed on cooking days as well. If we become very good at food preparation it may be that we decide together that the children will not need to bring afternoon tea anymore.