Who are we?

Danielle Cook, director of Free Rangers: Kids Who Can, has been a mother of children at Turner school for the past 10 years. She currently has children in years 4,7 and 9.  With extensive childcare experience, and as a teacher of contemporary dance, Danielle expertly manages groups of children with care, fun and warmth.  Danielle is passionate about the well-being of the next generation and the environment that they will inherit and manage into their futures.   
Danielle has a Working with Vulnerable People Card and a First Aid Certificate. 


”Danielle has looked after my 3 children many times over the past 12 years.  She has cared for them during their early childhood, primary school and early high school years.  Danielle is always creative and interactive with my children, facilitating craft, conversation, gardening, outdoor adventure play, cooking, etc.  My children have told me many times how much they like being with Danielle; I believe this is because she sees them as individuals and they feel heard and respected by her.  As a health professional, I also know my kids are very safe with Danielle, because she makes a conscious effort to stay informed about important health and safety concepts including allergy management and first aid.  I would highly recommend ‘Free Rangers’ to any family looking for after school care.”
Sally McRae, Registered Nurse/Registered Midwife


“I have known Danielle for over 10 years, as a dear friend, caring mother, and qualified dance instructor. Danielle has a warm and caring disposition, and a tremendous affinity with children and adults alike. Her approach to life and the environment is instinctive, thoughtful, creative and passionate. She appreciates and respects the differences between children, from the more sensitive and reserved through to those with a more energetic and rambunctious disposition, and brings out the best in all of them. I am so excited about ‘free rangers’, an opportunity for exploratory and creative outdoor learning that today’s kids crave. Danielle is the perfect person to guide your children on this journey of sensorial discovery.”
Meredith Wilson (Australian Cultural Heritage Specialist)

”I have known Danielle for 10 years since our daughters were in preschool together and have enjoyed her wisdom, warmth and humour in many settings.  In particular I have had Danielle as a dance teacher and have seen her teach both children and adults.  I observe her to be a skilful teacher who adjusts her communication to meet each individual and motivates us to grow.” 
Genna Ward, Clinical Psychologist